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Son Of A Boss

Christopher William Hurst



Multi-talented, ambitious, strong-willed, and focused. This "Philly Phenom" was born & raised in Philadelphia, PA. He gained his love for the entertainment business at the young age of 13. His first attempt was cutting on the 1s' and 2s' as a DJ. Then when he entered high school he wrote his first rap. Enjoying the way his rhymes flowed he started writing more, and soon took his skills to the studio. As time went on his skills excelled as a DJ, M.C., and a producer. Chris started to co-produce his tracks and recorded numerous songs over the years. He later became a "ghost" writer.

As he got older he began to manage, produce, and promote other artists in the tri-state area. He did showcases for unsigned artists and successfully had major labels such as Def Jam, LaFace, and Sony Records attend his events. In the process of creating a forum for unknown artists, he also promoted & booked well known figures in the music business.


His creativity has also led him to create an educational & entertaining board/card game called, "Who?Said".

Chris Hurst has also written several scripts over the years including his first feature length film called, "WHY I DON'T DATE". It's a true story about what men go through when they date women. Although he's the writer of this fascinating story he's also a victim of these very circumstances that occur daily. He's currently promoting his mini web-series called, "S.O.B-Son Of A BOSS! In this series he wrote, directed, produced, edited, plus spent countless hours listening to music to dress this mini-series.


Chris is a versatile writer who writes with passion. His scripts are heartfelt & some are cutting edge real that most dare not talk about. He's not afraid to push the envelope and wrinkle a few feathers. Writing is one of his fortes and he pushes himself to be the best at anything he sets his mind to. When asked what makes him so versatile, creative, & motivated he stated, "Dream the impossible. Anything is possible. Make it possible"!


You can follow Chris Hurst at

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