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S.O.B-Son Of A Boss!

S.O.B- Son Of A BOSS is a mini web-series

about a crime boss that was released from prison after spending 15 years of his life in prison. Nicholas Rayvon aka Nick is now a free man. In 2000, Nick was sentenced to life in prison for being the biggest drug dealer in American history. He sold all types of drugs from high end cocaine to street level marijuana. Every drug that people were using from the late 80s' until his incarceration on June 20, 2000 came from Nick and his crew. While in jail he befriended an ex-military assassin by the name of Brenner Quibs.


Brenner was serving time for killing a black man. Unbeknownst to

Brenner he killed Nick's arch rival, so Nick protected Brenner

until his release. Brenner was taught how to eliminate people without a lot of carnage. Nick was so intrigued by Brenner's killer instinct that he made a promise that he'd give him a job once he became a civilian. Finally after Nick's release in 2015 he keeps his word and welcomes Brenner Quibs into his family & into his powerful organization that his son Niko Rayvon grew even stronger.




Nicholas Rayvon was born Nicholas "Von" Ray in Augusta, GA on June 9, 1950. He is one of seven children which includes three brothers & 3 sisters. Nick's mother was a maid while Nick's father was a farmer. His father owned 35 acres of land in the early 1900s'. When Nick was a kid he worked with his father on the farm, until one day he witnessed his father get assaulted by three men. His father never told him what it was all about until Nick turned 15 years old. Nick's father told him that he was forced to give up 32 acres of land or they would kill his family. Once Nick heard that he changed into a hard young man. He started selling weed to his classmates & soon after sold pills. By the time Nick turned 20 he killed another dealer for trying to take over his turf. Nick's parents made him leave Augusta and sent him to Long Island, NY to stay with his aunt & uncle in 1970. While there he took on the name Nick "Rayvon" to cover his identity. Trouble soon followed Nick. He connected with the mob & started selling cocaine & heroin. He learned the business so well that he didn't need the mob anymore & started going directly to the suppliers. In 1975 he met a beautiful woman named Brenda. They soon fell in love & moved to Philadelphia, PA. Nick's wealth grew so fast so quick that he recruited his childhood friends and family from Georgia to run his operation in the southern region. In 1980 Nick became the biggest drug dealer in American History. That same year Niko "Rayvon" was born. When Niko became a teenager he was inseparable with his dad. Eventually Nicholas told Niko the truth abouth his lifestyle. Niko loved his father so much that he wanted to become part of his organization so Nick took him under his wing & taught him everything. By the time Nick got pinched by the Feds in 2000 Niko wasn't on the radar but knew everything that he needed to know. Niko ran the business from 2000 to 2015 & turned a lot of the drug activity into legitimate companies...



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